Nia Purpose Partnership Program

Nia Purpose Partnership Program

The Nia Purpose Partnership Program was designed and created in 2019 to encourage financial support from Nia members, their family, friends, and members of the community to help sustain Nia’s Ministry as a relevant institution/community church that helps to meet the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of all people.

The Nia Purpose Partnership Program will honor a person or organization annually to recognize the efforts that are being made to improve the Nia Fellowship Baptist Church community and vicinity’s physical, financial, social, emotional and spiritual well being.

September 2021 was the inauguration of the Nia Purpose Partnership “Silva F. Umukoro Humanitarian Award”.  This will be an annual award that will be presented during Nia’s Annual Consecration Sunday. This award is named after the Late Silva Umukoro who was Nia’s longtime Founding Member and Trustee. Silva was his family’s patriarch and a dedicated member of the church who committed himself to humanitarian efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Silva F. Umukoro Humanitarian Award and a $1,000 donation from the Nia Purpose Partnership Program will be given annually to a person or organization that has made an effort to improve their community’s physical, financial, social, emotional or spiritual well being.


Nia Partners with Special Benefits

Gold Member $1,000 (One time use of the Entire Facilities once a year for 3 Years)

Silver Member $500  (One time use of the Entire Facilities for year of donation)

Bronze Member $250 (One time use of the Sanctuary Only for the year of donation)


Nia Partners with Recognition

All donors and donations of $25 or more will be recognized for their gift on our church website and on our church Bulletin Board each year.

All donations are welcome. Donations to the Nia Purpose Partnership Program will be used to maintain the historically well designed three bell edifice of Nia Fellowship Baptist Church and continue the mission and legacy that was started by the Ridgeview Presbyterian Community Church in 1928 to serve the Ridgeview Community in the Valley. Donations can be made through Givelify or by check or Money Order to Nia Fellowship Baptist Church. Please indicate donation to Nia Purpose Partnership program.